Here are some projects we completed where we provided innovative insulation solutions. In some cases, fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation simply can’t do the job. When traditional insulation isn’t appropriate, spray foam insulation comes to the rescue.

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Project No. 1: Dean Marchetto, Architect, Hoboken, NJ

In Hoboken, NJ, insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather. So how do you insulate curved walls and ceilings effectively? This office space contained varying degree radius wall and ceiling construction which is beautiful to look at – but a nightmare to insulate. Trying to place fiberglass batt would have been complicated and inadequate.

We applied 3” of closed cell spray foam insulation. This not only insulates, but it protects from condensation due to the metal substrate. Spray foam also provides some soundproofing.

Project No. 2: Beer Mountain Distributors, Pine Grove, Pa

Who doesn’t want cold beer? These guys have a mobile beer trailer or rather a bar on wheels. If you’re having an event, they roll this trailer loaded with kegs right to your doorstep. They needed the best way to keep the beer cold, right?

We installed 2” closed cell foam to the trailer walls and ceiling, and now the beer stays cold! Spray foam also resists shrinkage, so there’s no need to reapply.

Project No. 3: Grain Dryer, Dyscher Farms, Bath PA

Drying grains after harvest is no small task and takes an amazing amount of resources to properly dry. This process is delicate, and if not done properly, mold can grow and ruin the harvest. Dyscher Farms chose to insulate a partial portion of the bin.

The purpose of the spray foam was to help stabilize heat in the grains to make drying more efficient. The top was left exposed so as to not inhibit the drying process. There’s no way you could do this with fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation.

Project No. 4: Exterior Foundation Wall Waterproofing, Liberty Township, NJ

The potential uses of spray foam are nearly limitless. The water resistant sealed barrier provides great value to builders and remodelers alike. In Liberty Township, our closed cell foam was applied to the exterior foundation wall to provide a capillary break. This also prevents water seepage to the inside of the building.

Project No. 5: Gavin Residence, Dingmans Ferry, PA

Here’s another example where spray foam was the best insulation option. Due to the complexity of the roof framing, open cell spray foam insulation was utilized. Fiberglass insulation would have extremely difficult to install and ineffective due to the varying cavity widths. The man-hour cost alone would have been prohibitive. With spray foam, not only was the space insulated properly, but it also took a fraction of the time.

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