Your basement can be a source of energy loss. It can also be a place where moisture and mold easily form leading to a host of problems. This can lead to unpleasant odors and serious health risks. Fix these problems with spray foam basement insulation.

With our 40 plus years of experience and expertise with spray foam and other types of insulation, we are uniquely suited to remedy all of your basement issues. We bring solutions that increase energy efficiency, stop mold & mildew, provide greater comfort, cut down on pests & rodents, and provide more structural benefits to your home or commercial building.

Spray foam technology is a basement insulation solution that beats other methods such as fiberglass and cellulose insulation in basements. The application is fast and effective without any installation dangers that come with other types of insulation. Plus, spray foam in the hands of our experienced installers can reach all the areas that other types of insulation might miss. The dual waterproofing and insulating characteristics create a dry and energy efficient basement at all times.

Improve your Lehigh Valley or Poconos basement environment with the benefits of spray foam. Maximize the energy efficiency of your home or work space. Upgrade and protect your basement with spray foam insulation technology.