Harsh Dickson City winters make insulation a top priority for any home or business owner. Spray Foam Technologies provides expert service to the Dickson City, PA area for over 40 years. Let us help you make your home or office the most efficient it can be.

All You Need to Know – Spray Foam Insulation Cost for the Dickson City Area

There are so many things to know when you are a homeowner. With all the day to day tasks its hard to keep track of all the important projects that need to be completed to help your home function at its peak. Spray Foam Insulation is one of those things that often goes overlooked. In Dickson City, Pennsylvania, and across the United States people are realizing that Spray Foam can transform the way your home’s energy consumption. At Spray Foam Technologies we have been in business for more than 40 years and have the experience to deal with any size project. Adding Spray Foam to your home is a great way to ensure the comfort of your family for years to come. Keep reading for information on the unlimited benefits to Spray Foam Technology.

Unlimited Benefits That Come with Spray Foam Insulation

Everyone’s first thought when it comes to benefits is how it’s going to affect your monthly energy bill. The list goes on and on to include Durability, Comfort, and the potential to control the internal climate of your house or your office in Dickson City, PA. But this is just the beginning of the benefits that homeowners can experience with the addition of spray foam.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the World

Speaking to spray foam insulation contractors about the process of making their Dickson City, Pennsylvania homes as energy efficient as possible is the first step. You will quickly learn about how this product works and how it will make your family’s life so much easier. You may ask but how much does spray foam insulation cost? You can use the spray foam insulation cost calculator to determine what the exact cost will be to you and see how truly affordable it is. To experience maximum comfort you need more than just a fixed thermostat. The key is to control the air circulation in your home and minimize any leaks that you may have. A big question asked is what is better spray foam insulation vs fiberglass? The durability and longevity of spray foam insulation is second to none. It doesn’t wear out so it doesn’t need to be replaced. It will continue to keep your home sealed year after year.

Top Notch Comfort: Spray Foam Insulation R-Value vs Fiberglass

The Difference between Spray foam and fiberglass is one that is not well understood. We want to help educate our friends in Dickson City and have them make the best choice for there home and family. Most of the people in or near Dickson City, PA correlate R-value to Spray Foam Insulation, mainly because that is all they’re informed on due to the information put out by the home improvement industry. It’s not as simple as all that. Comparing the town of these products is in essence like comparing apples and Oranges.

Spray Foam Insulation – R-Value Questions & Myths

R-Value tries to represent the correlation of the insulation between its efficiency and its effectiveness. One way to think about this is that you buy a piece of land in Coopersburg for a home without knowing any of the important information except for the size of the lot. Without knowing the terrain, drainage, or zoning regulations it is going to be very difficult to plan and build any structure on this lot. The same goes for R-value. R-Value alone cannot determine the worth of spray foam. The location and temperature play huge role in determining the actual worth and benefit to the home 

There are some more common myths that you can read about here to further understand what will be installed into your Dickson City home. Fiberglass might not be the answer to your prayers either. The fiberglass insulation R-value rating might be more favorable but it may not convert to a more comfortable living situation or more energy savings. See the link below to learn more about some common myths surrounding R-Value

R Value Fairy Tale – The Myth  of Insulation Values

It goes on to say that to get a true R-Value of fiberglass should be calculated after it has been submerged in water or after the wind blows at a speed of 20 miles per hour through it. After this happens the R-Value is zero whereas the R-Value for solid foam installation is unchanged. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Consider the R-value of an insulation after it has been submersed in water or as a 20 mile-per-hour wind blows through it. In either of these scenarios, the R-value of fiber insulations goes to zero. But those same conditions barely affect solid insulations. That’s why I believe that R-value numbers are misleading, meaningless numbers unless we know other characteristics.

David B. South

Spray Foam Insulation vs Fiberglass

How Much Can Really Be Saved?

Is there a draft coming through your attic? Maybe attic spray foam insulation is the right move to save on your energy bill.

Another great benefit to insulating your home with spray foam is that the saving will start to add up over time. The one time charge at installation will be the only service charger that you experience during the lifetime of this product. This is in direct competition with fiberglass that will need to be serviced multiple times during that same time period.

What Makes Our Dickson City Area Spray Foam Company Better?

Lower Spray Foam Prices in Dickson City

The two big questions that are always asked, is spray foam insulation worth it? Is spray foam insulation safe? The answer is YES! Changing the way you cool and heat your home and drastically affecting the energy consumption that is correlated to it. Spray Foam does not have any effect of air quality and in fact may decrease the amount of outside contaminants from entering your home. We do our best to provide the best prices to our clients in the Dickson City area. Offering 20-75% less than our competition. We make sure to do things the right way. If you choose to go the cheaper route and buy a spray foam insulation kit or a DIY spray foam insulation package you may wind up paying more in the end. The price for the spray foam insulation machine or the spray foam insulation rental can be a costly endeavor in itself if you do not know how to operate them properly.

Experience and Longevity in Spray Foam Insulation

Bluntly speaking, the durability of our spray foam installations is undoubtedly above most other Dickson City area companies. The Spray Foam Insulation field was introduced at the beginning of the 1970s which is when our President Terry Demer’s Father founded our company. He was among the pioneers of the spray foam applicators. He didn’t just serve Dickson City, but the whole East Coast. We are much more knowledgeable and experienced in the field than any just about other regional or local company.

What Else Should You Know About Spray Foam in Dickson City, Pennsylvania

Living and working in the Eastern Pennsylvania region we come across a good amount of moldy, cold, wet crawl spaces that are primed for heat loss during a windy winter. These are situations that need closed cell spray foam insulation. We take a systematic approach to fixing areas such as this. Along with providing important thermal performance, it also provides additional benefits. The spray foam deters any drafts or leaks that may have existed in the area and prevents you from overcompensating to cover up the cool air coming into your home. It also lowers the chances of rodents nesting and living in these areas as well.

When we apply in this type of area we need to use a dehumidifier, band joist, a moisture barrier, and a sump pump when needed. This limits the humidity in the area and creates an optimal climate for your and your family to live comfortably. We are specialists at what we do and would love to help you and your family have the most comfortable lives as possible.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on your crawl space or project Dickson City, Pennsylvania, contact us today.