Harsh Clarks Summit winters make insulation a top priority for any home or business owner. Spray Foam Technologies provides expert service to the Clarks Summit, PA area for over 40 years.

What Should You Know About Spray Foam Insulation?

There are numerous things the vast larger part of individuals in Clarks Summit, PA and around the US may not think about spray foam. We’ve been spray foam protection contractual workers for more than 40 years, so we have a considerable amount of information. Spray Foam Insulation is an excellent item with numerous advantages both known and obscure to numerous individuals. Most spray foam contractors will reveal to you that that most common selling points and advantages are as follows.

The Multiple Benefits of Spray Foam

While saving on your yearly energy (heating/cooling) investment is a major advantage of using spray foam…comfort, durability, and new-found capacity to control your indoor temperature and atmosphere are the greater realized gains and selling points for the Clarks Summit home or business owner.

Comfort, Energy Savings, & Durability with Spray Foam Insulation

Many people in Clarks Summit initially consider getting spray foam to conserve energy, but they soon discover that the important fantastic thing about spray foam insulation is having a home that is really comfortable. To have a very comfortable home, you have to think about the temperature on the thermostat. The lack of air infiltration, and therefore the ability to regulate moisture, provide key edges that almost all people never consider. Along with these key characteristics, the longevity and robustness of the insulation and the structure itself are related to a highly insulated and sealed home.

Spray Foam Insulation R-Value

We always have people asking us, “What is the R-value of spray foam?” Many people close to Clarks Summit think of R-value when it comes to spray foam insulation just because that’s all they know from the home improvement sector’s years of conditioning, but it really isn’t that straightforward. What people don’t realize is comparing the r-value of standard fiberglass insulation to the spray foam r-value is like comparing two totally different things; basically apples to oranges. Why is that?

Spray Foam Insulation vs Fiberglass

The term R-value has long been associated with the overall results of insulation or it’s effectiveness and overall efficiency. We explain it in this way. It’s the equivalent of buying a couple of acres of land in Clarks Summit for your dream house, but knowing absolutely nothing about the land parcel aside from it’s size. Is it a flat plain, a meadow, a woodsy area, a rocky cliff, a wetland? Will it perc? In this way, insulation is similar to this comparison. The r-value by itself doesn’t tell you the full story. We don’t expect you to read the entire thing, but this article explains the myth of the r value:

R Value Fairy Tale – The Myth  of Insulation Values

So even the r-value of fiberglass insulation may not be what you think. The R-value ratings favor fiber insulation. The website link above states:

Consider the R-value of an insulation after it has been submersed in water or as a 20 mile-per-hour wind blows through it. In either of these scenarios, the R-value of fiber insulations goes to zero. But those same conditions barely affect solid insulations. That’s why I believe that R-value numbers are misleading, meaningless numbers unless we know other characteristics.

David B. South

How Much Does Spray Foam Cost and How Much Will We Save?

The savings are actually just a by-product of spray foam insulation. We generally don’t try to sell on energy savings to people in Clarks Summit, mainly because spray foam is the industry standard. It is the best product available. The cost of spray foam insulation can be 2-3 times higher than fiberglass or other types of traditional insulation, however, it is a once and done investment that lasts the lifetime of the home or structure. Traditional fiberglass insulation is not a one-time investment, reminding us that you get what you pay for.

What Makes Our Spray Foam Insulation Company Better in Clarks Summit?

Lower Priced Clarks Summit Spray Foam Contractors

Obviously, many folks up in Clarks Summit and all over are always asking us, “How much does spray foam insulation cost?” We get that question constantly and have talked to many folks over the years who were quite disappointed they didn’t find us before going forward with spray foam insulation from another company. Our costs are very often much lower than the competition. We do not have exorbitant franchise fees, and we never waste your money on unnecessary overhead. So the savings are passed on to you. The cost of your home or business spray foam project can be an average of 20 to 75% lower than costs from less experienced companies. You have the added peace of mind knowing we do the job right the first time, and we guarantee the work. We have even been asked by competitors on occasion to fix projects of theirs that didn’t work out so well.

Longevity & Experience in Spray Foam

The longevity of our business is far beyond nearly all of the competition. Spray Foam Technologies was started by the father of our current owner Terry Demer in the early 1970s. He was one of the pioneer spray foam applicators, not only serving Clarks Summit, but the entire East Coast of the United States. We have years of knowledge and experience to draw on; much longer than most all local and regional competition.

What Else is Important About Spray Foam in Clarks Summit & Northeast PA?

The Clarks Summit area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Poconos region have an epidemic of terrible wet, moldy crawl spaces. Most of them are always damp, too cold or hot, and a moldy mess. We redo a lot of crawl spaces to completely solve these issues. We do this by taking a “systems approach” to modifying the crawl space to remove the problems. Crawl spaces are one of the best places to put in spray foam insulation. In addition to providing outstanding thermal performance, it provides even more essential benefits. Closed cell spray foam acts as a moisture barrier in the dampest areas of your home. It also eliminates the access and nesting areas rodents would normally find.

Our installations include closed-cell spray foam on the walls and band joists of your crawl space, a vapor barrier on the floor, a dehumidifier, and sometimes a sump pump to create a regulated space that blocks the humidity that normally causes mold and mildew to grow. Our system seems completely at odds with what some people think they need in a crawl space, but it’s proven to work. As you might think, we often receive requests to insulate the crawl space ceiling, but this isn’t the correct way to take care of the issues.